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Console related gaming posts

Xbox 360 Linux Project

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

The Free 60 Project has a Wiki setup that explains the progress of their project as well as offering insights to the inner workings of the Xbox 360. Of note, their documentation offers some insights as to the design of the Xbox 360. Specifically, has the following features listed:

  • The flash is encrypted with a per-box key
  • The key is stored inside the CPU
  • The boot ROM is stored inside the CPU
  • Also inside the CPU is a hypervisor that verifies the running state of the kernel, making sure there is no modification (RAM checksums), else the Xbox360 panics and blows up!

Xbox 360 Crashing

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

Reports are coming in of users experiencing crashes with their Xbox 360 - less than a day after having bought the console. Xbox-Scene also has posted about this issue and even have a screenshot of one of the crash screens as well as a whole bunch of forum posts by agitated Xbox 360 users. Even more great screenshots are posted over on Flickr of the Xbox 360 crashing on a whole bunch of different screens.

Xbox 360 Launch at Midnight Tonight

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

No links for this news story - the Xbox 360 gets launched tonight at midnight! So get to your local electronics store ASAP and pick up your Xbox 360 tonight! Reports from some store workers at Best Buy are that they only have ~40 or so consoles so make sure you don't wait on a long line for no reason. You can read Best Buy's official statement on their website by visiting the link included in this story. A great tool, an Xbox 360 store and quantity locator, can be found here.

Xbox 360 and Nintendo Revolution News

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

As posted on Ars Technica, news has been released that the Xbox 360 will be backwards compatabile with older Xbox titles. This comes as great news for original Xbox owners who will be able to play most of their titles on the nex Xbox system. Owners of both consoles could now supplement the $299/$399 cost of the new system by pawning off their old system and not lose any functionality.

In other console news, the Nintendo Revolution has been promised to be available for a lower price than the Xbox 360 and the PS3.