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AJAX related posts.

Why AJAX Fails ... Most of the Time

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Usability Views has an interesting article about how AJAX, the most popular Web 2.0 craze, doesn't solve all of the web's problems and in fact creates some that have been solved. You can read the article here.

AHAH - A Simpler AJAX?

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

This wiki article explains yet another Web 2.0 programming concept called AHAH. AHAH stands for Asychronous HTML and HTTP and some think that this can be considered easier than AJAX programming. Some of the highlights/benefits of AHAH over AJAX are:

  • The lack of custom XML schemas dramatically reduces design time
  • AHAH can trivially reuse existing HTML pages, avoiding the need for a custom web service
  • All data transport is done via browser-friend HTML, easing debugging and testing

Fixing AJAX and XMLHttpRequest

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

O'Reilly.Net has a great article about "fixing" the XMLHttpRequest object when creating Web 2.0 AJAX web applications.

The article talks about how browser security settings prevent AJAX applications from accessing third-party web services and, more importantly, how to code around those restrictions. True, the workarounds are "gruesome", but they do work and can provide web developers the ability to circumvent browser security.

Of course, that's the good, but what about the bad? Well, two points immediately jump to mind - security and why.