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Google Sitemaps: www vs non-www

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Interesting timing - The Google Sitemaps Blog talks about the canonical domain name issues and problems associated between www and non-www versions of your website.

I personally just wrote a tutorial on this subject that you can read here as part of my growing search engine optimization guide.

Additional Google Sitemap Statistics

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Google has increased the statistics reported using their Sitemaps application. Before, users were limited to only 5 search terms used to pull results from their page. Now, on my own Sitemap, there is a list of over 20 search terms. This information correlates exactly to the information I see on my Analytics account.

Google Sitemaps Updated

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords. Sorry for the "nothing but Google" news recently, but it's been a busy week for the company that does no evil.

Google Sitemaps released a few updates today that greatly increase the functionality of the application. Sitemaps now offers data on top search queries, top search query clicks, the page rank of your pages in Google and several other SEO beneficial statistics.

For those webmasters not already utilizing Google Sitemaps, now is the time to do so.