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Site News

Drupal Upgraded from Version 5.x to 6.x

By hagrin - Posted on 30 October 2009

Well, after almost no updates for 5 months (although the Forum has been pretty active), I finally decided to take a look at the blog portion of this site and address it once again. I finally upgraded the core Drupal installation and all the installed modules from version 5 to version 6 - a task that I really didn't want to have to do, but was surprisingly easy. I can't stress this enough - make sure you follow the UPGRADE.txt file's instructions verbatim. The instructions posted on the official Drupal site are actually not as complete as the instructions found in this text file and I avoided a lot of headaches by taking my time and stepping through the steps outlined.

A couple of other suggestions that I would recommend -

  • Not only backup the web files directed in the UPGRADE document, but you might as well backup all the core Drupal files while you are at it - it doesn't take much time at all and I found it better to be overly cautious.
  • Take a screenshot and/or leave open your module page so that when performing a major upgrade you know which modules you had installed and need to update to their new versions. This information is otherwise lost when you upgrade if you didn't back up your modules folder.
  • Expect to be down/in offline mode for at least an hour. Now, how long you are down for will depend on your expertise level and how many non-core modules your site has installed. I would expect that most sites have about 5-10 non-core modules installed and updating and downloading each takes time. You can shorten your downtime with a little prep work - download all the updated module packages in advance, extract them prior to bringing your site offline and this should help speed up the upgrade process.

Now, just think - we all get to do this again when version 7 comes out. Good luck everyone.

Akismet Causing More Spam?

By hagrin - Posted on 10 May 2007

Recently, due to a few spam messgaes I would get every once in a while (no more than 5 a day with most days receiving no spam messages), I finally decided to install the Akismet here to curtail even the slightest amounts of spam to make managing even easier. What has happened since can only be described as the exact opposite of my intent as spam has increased, bot registration has increased and it has increased over 1000%.

First, let me provide you with some metrics. As stated before, on's worst day, I would receive about 5 spam messages, but most days saw no comment activity. Since installing the Akismet module 1.5 days ago, I have seen 65 new spam messages and almost as many bot registrations. While Akismet is definitely filtering out spam properly, the amount of spam traffic has increased at an alarming rate while site traffic hasn't increased at all. Now, I'm not exactly sure what this can be contributed to, but the timing of the module installation and the corresponding spam increase is undeniable. I'm going to continue to monitor the situation and maybe even disable the Akismet module to see if there is a spam drop off, but would like to hear from someone else who may have experienced this "problem".

Drupal 5 Migration Complete

By hagrin - Posted on 10 February 2007

In a quick bit of site news, I finally completed my migration to Drupal 5. Not only did I have to update my old 4.x installation, but I also had to get rid of the old pages that existed on the "fugly" black and orange template. While all the content has been transferred over, many items remain in terms of enhancing the user experience at It's been a 4 year process in the making and I'm still nowhere near done as I'm constantly brainstorming new ideas, taking on outside projects and getting wrapped up in my full-time job. However, with this migration finally complete, I do see bigger and better things coming from this domain.

So, if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see added or improved, leave me a comment and let me know.

Legal Disclaimer

By hagrin - Posted on 10 February 2007

Full Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Disclaimers are currently in active development and subject to change.

The following information depicts the rules and guidelines in which users of should act and their expectations for this web site. Please read through this documentation carefully as this page clearly defines the rights, rules, expectations and terms of service for

External Links
Within, various external links may be present to sites that are not owned nor affiliated with, and therefore are not controlled nor influenced by the owners of We do not necessarily admonish or support the privacy practices of these sites, and cannot be held responsible for neither the content, nor their privacy practices. You are urged to be careful when clicking on external URLs. Security is hosted on a web server monitored and supported by CI Host. Please bear in mind that the owners of, nor CI Host, cannot guarantee under all circumstances that loss, misuse, unauthorised access or alteration to data will never occur. Therefore, neither party will not be held responsible should any of the aforementioned occur.

Contact Information

By hagrin - Posted on 07 December 2006

If you need to contact the people responsible for, try one of the following:

Email: hagrin at gmail dot com
IM: Google Talk: hagrin at gmail dot com
(links written out to avoid automated webcrawlers)

Please provide the reason for contacting me in the Subject of the email as I use rules to appropriately label certain related issues. I check my gmail almost real-time between having Gmail open in my broswer, the Gmail notifier from Google Talk and the Blackberry Mobile Gmail application so email or GTalk are the best methods of contact. I rarely use AIM anymore or ICQ so if you have that old contact information, you probably won't reach me.

Test from the LIRR

By hagrin - Posted on 07 August 2006

Well, I have to say that I am highly impressed with my Blackberry's ability to post new content to my new Drupal CMS. The Drupal developers should be commended for creating a highly functional, yet easy to use mobile interface.

The most impressive functionality has to be the taxonomy dropdowns. I was skeptical that they would work on my Blackberry, but after selecting the dropdown you are prompted with a "Change Option" choice. After selecting that option, you are then technically navigating only the dropdown options. In order to allow users the ability to select multiple dropdown values, checkboxes appear to the left of each value. This functionality really demonstrates how SELECT tags are actually rendered separately from the rest of the page's HTML (you may have noticed this when your dropdowns rendered on top of DHTML menus.

So, my first mobile blog post seems to be a success (although I just noticed that posting markup might prove difficult if not impossible). Once I get the redesign completely done, expect more mobile posts in order to utilize my commute time.

CMS Switch

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Due to time restrictions and wanting to be able to focus on actually creating content, I have decided to ditch the custom made CMS (to my sadness) and made the switch to Drupal. You'll notice over the upcoming weeks that I will be tweaking the design and the layout and then hopefully getting some additional writers to add content here.

Up next I have:

  • Create categories/tags and apply them to all the posts
  • Fix the dates on all the posts
  • Figure out a way to redirect all the old links to the new content
  • Add my "articles" to the site as well
  • Fix links on the side and customize the navigation
  • Apply a nicer looking theme or create my own

Obviously, this is a pretty huge list so hopefully I will be able to get it all done within a month or so. Any suggestions, let me know.

Hagrin Photo Album Online

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

I've also installed the Photo Album today. I will be working on configuring it, but I finally got rid of yet another "dead link" on the front page. You can view the Photo Album here.

Book Review: Stealing the Network ...

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

I wrote a really quick book review on Stealing the Network - How to Own a Continent which is a fictional conspiracy that is carried out with non-fictional tools and practices. You can read my review here. Also, if you are looking to purchase this title, you can buy the book by clicking the link below:

Music Collection Online

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

I have created a process to upload a list of all the music albums I currently own. I will be working on making the page a little more user friendly, but for now, the complete list of albums can be found here. In addition, I quickly changed all the top, bottom, left and right side navigation to PHP includes for more efficient site maintenance (and good programming/scripting obviously). If anyone has any questions, let me know.