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Google Talk - Offline Messaging Added

By hagrin - Posted on 01 November 2006

Finally, they added it!

Google Talk became the best IMing program in the world today when they added support for offline messaging. Now, if you send a message to a user who is offline, that user will receive the message when they sign online again or check their Gmail (the best feature). When users check their Gmail accounts, chats will show up as unread messages (how cool is that?) and intergrates amazingly well with the chat logging integration between Gmail and GTalk. All you need to do is make sure you have chat logging enabled and you'll be receiving offline messages in no time! A wonderful addition by Google which leverages the power of Gmail and GTalk.

Now, I need to stop being lazy and hookup Google Talk for my Blackberry 7290.

Happy Birthday Google Talk - A Look Back & Forward

By hagrin - Posted on 24 August 2006

Happy Birthday Google Talk says the Official Google Blog. After 1 year of existence, Google Talk has really come a long way from basically being a novelty IM client where I could play the "Wumpus Game" (notice that Wumpus is never logged on anymore?) to a "functional" IM system. What really sets Google Talk apart currently is its integration with other Google services and products. Let's see what the GTalk team has accomplished.

Google Talk was integrated directly into your Gmail contacts list which really made IMing an enjoyable experience if no IM client was installed or could be installed on the machine you were using. The Gmail integration far surpasses other web based attempts at IM such as AOL Express which was a nightmare to use and caused random browser crashes. In addition, chats were saved into a Gmail Chat folder and the superior search capabilities of Google were integrated into IM chat logs (something I have used quite a few times). We saw the introduction of a voicemail system, user profile pictures, themes and a porting of Google Talk to work on Blackberry devices (something I am anxious to get installed and working). Finally, we have seen the introduction of file transfers which was made simple and easy to use - a feature that was a make or break item for many IM users. Hopefully, with the most recent additions, we'll see a more widespread adoption of Google Talk.

But where does GTalk need to go tomorrow? Users need the ability to host multi-user chat sessions. Personally, I would like to see an encryption system come standard with every Google Talk install (something that I miss using the Google Talk client instead of my GAIM + Encryption plug-in). Another feature that I could personally benefit from would be a corporate release of Google Talk where chats could be stored locally within a network, VoIP sessions would travel over VPN tunnels and would be searchable using a Google hardware appliance. I'm sure others have a much longer list than I do; however, I love Google Talk's sleekness and lack of "bloat" (read - one of the few Google applications that hasn't been inundated with ads) so hopefully they will be very wary of adding new, unnecessary features.

I know Google Talk may never surpass the AIM user base and that's fine with me - as long as I can convert the people I talk to most over instant messaging. Google Talk remains one of my favorite Google applications and I hope to see additional improvements while keeping it basic, simple and bloat-free.

Google Talk Open Federation

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

The Google Talk blog and the Official Google Blog have announced that Google Talk is now an open federation product.

What is an open federation product? Well, this means that users of one service can communicate freely with customers of other networks such as e-mail and telephone service. Previously, IM and VoIP users had issues communicating with users across networks such as AOL IM, MSN and Yahoo!

Google Talk LibJingle

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

About a week ago, Google Talk announced the released LibJingle - a library that can be used to further Google Talk development. So what exactly is LibJingle?

The Google Talk Blog attempts to explain the power of LibJingle. As the blog entry explains, LibJingle should hopefully open up developers to creating applications to perform mobile to Google Talk calls, P2P applications and VoIP calling between other VoIP platforms. VoIP developers should take this opportunity to get themselves known and create

Google Talk Source Opened

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

The Google Talk blog announced that they have opened the source on their voice communications to further the development of their Google Talk infrastructure. Of real note is the libjingle library released by Google. As the article states:

Libjingle is the very same code Google Talk uses to negotiate, establish, and maintain peer-to-peer voice sessions, packaged as a library for other developers to use in their own projects. By incorporating Libjingle into your project, you enable its users to voice chat with other users of the Google Talk service.

Internet Voice Campaign

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

The Google Talk Blog has an article discussing the Internet Voice Campaign which is a movement towards moving all of our communications through Internet based resources. Ithe IVC's main objective seems to be answering user questions such as what exactly Internet voice services really are, 911 support, privacy, security, power failures and call quality. It's a PDF so go take a look to learn more about this objective.

New Google Talk Blog

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

The Official Google Blog has announced a new Google Blog - a blog specifically directed at Google Talk. The new blog can be found here. They have even made their first post which you can read here.

Why another Google Blog? Well, Google has opened up separate blogs for other offerings such as AdSense and Sitemaps so concentrating and focusing the information in one area will help users find the information they are looking for.

Google Talk Released

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

Google Talk Instant Messaging/VoIP Client released. So Google has finally entered the IM market with a pretty interesting application. The obvious highlight of this application is single click VoIP calling to any user you have on your Buddy List. Basically, all you need is a Gmail (Google e-mail) account and a microphone and you're all set (well you need friends too, but I can't help you with that). I've posted more info about the Google Talk client and some of its features such as the Wumpus Easter Egg game here.