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Nintendo Wii

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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii Knowledge Base

By hagrin - Posted on 03 September 2006

Sorry for the somewhat slow updates, but as I nurse what seems to be a stress fracture in my root foot, I have started a new project -, powered by Wiki technology, will provide the gaming industry the most comprehensive and informative information concerning the Nintendo Wii - my personal pick to come out the "real" winner in the next generation console wars. With superior innovation, a low price, great games and "just enough" computing power, the Nintendo Wii should provide its owners with a unique gaming experience and we're hoping to help owners and potential buyers find the information they need about their system. Although still in the early stages and much of the information mirrors what is already on Wikipedia, should end up being a valuable resource to the console gaming community. Once we get all the relevant information up and indexed, we'll start working on non-Wiki functionality such as applications (homebrew code), news scraping (because all the cool kids are doing it these days) and building a real Wii community.

Nintendo Wii to Use Opera Browser

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Although this news is a few days old, I wanted to weigh in on this announcement. Nintendo has announced that their next generation console, Wii, will utilize a version of Opera's web browser. What makes this news so fantastic to me is that Opera has started to control/dominate the browser market in areas outside of personal computing. With their browser already firmly entrenched on mobile devices and now one of the three big consoles, Opera is making a play to the browser of choice in the next generation of mobile computing and gaming.

With all the zealotry for FireFox, it amazes me that many people have not noticed the power of Opera and backed the cause with the same passion - especially since it offers a terrific browsing experience (yes, I know that the extension community drives the FireFox trend right now). Also, think about this fact - in Japan, Google stated that 100 million searches are done from personal computers where as 350 million searches are being done from mobile devices. We could see, in the not to distant future, a shift away from desktop and laptop computers and towards mobile computing so one should embrace Opera's magnificent design and web developers should start making sure their pages render properly on mobile devices. For starters, they can use the Opera Mini feature found in the Opera browser to see how their page may look on a mobile device. I know that does load, but could use some formatting help on mobile devices.

Nintendo Revolution Patent

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Revolution Report recently posted an article about a patent filed by Nintendo which has been speculated to be deirect;y linked to their next generation console - the Revolution.

Although the patent is highly technical in nature, Revolution Report does a terrific job in highlighting the patent's main points. In addition, after reading the patent, I believe that we can draw one major conclusion from this patent ...

The Nintendo Revolution may offer a service that allows users to purchase at a low cost older games for older Nintendo consoles.

Xbox 360 and Nintendo Revolution News

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

As posted on Ars Technica, news has been released that the Xbox 360 will be backwards compatabile with older Xbox titles. This comes as great news for original Xbox owners who will be able to play most of their titles on the nex Xbox system. Owners of both consoles could now supplement the $299/$399 cost of the new system by pawning off their old system and not lose any functionality.

In other console news, the Nintendo Revolution has been promised to be available for a lower price than the Xbox 360 and the PS3.