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Video Codec Comparison

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

I'm just on a comparison kick today.

Doom 9 has completed their video codec roundup and it's a must read for those looking for information concerning the available codecs. Doom 9 compares:

  • Ateme High Profile Encoder
  • DivX 6.1
  • Elecard AVC encoder
  • HDX4 1.5.4
  • LMP4
  • Nero Digital ASP
  • VC1
  • VP
  • x264 revision 387
  • Xvid 1.1
  • Xvid AC

Pretty comprehensive list and the main reason why I linked this story. This is a terrific read, in-depth and covers possibilities for next year. Anyone intrested in video compression needs to read this review for sure. I won't spoil who the winner was, but the reviewer did such a great job that he gives a winner for many different scenarios. Now, that's the way to do a comparison reveiw.