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Poor St. Mary's

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

In one of the worst calls in NCAA Basketball history, Gonzaga was awarded two free throws with 0.3 seconds left on the clock in a tie ball game. Why exactly was this one of the worst calls in history?

  • The clock never started until well after the ball was touched by Sean Mallon from Gonzaga.
  • There was no foul on the play, the ball was cleanly blocked and had a lot less contact than other late game calls (see Duke vs. Boston College and Duke vs. Florida State)
  • The referee closest to the play did not make the call. The ref on the other side of the court near mid court made the call.
  • Even if there was a foul, it had to have come after the 0.5 seconds had elapsed.

This was easily the most brutal call I have seen in a college basketball game in a while. How they decided 0.3 should be on the clock I have no idea. And what's worse is Adam Morrison acting classless trying to get his fans to rush the court. Uhhh Adam, it was a home game against a team that barely has a .500 record and you are supposed to be the #5 ranked team in the country. Act it Adam.