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College Basketball Recap - 2/4/06

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Saturday saw a lot of very good games and definitely smoothed out the Top 25 landscape some more as March rapidly approaches. The game of the day was Penn State's comeback win at Illinois where a last second game wining shot was negated as it came only tenths of a second after the game clock reached 0.0. This loss will definitely knock Illinois out of that #1 seed in current bracketology predictions. This loss is especially bad when considering how home court has been so important in the Big Ten this year.

Duke narrowly escaped a game Florida State team by one point in overtime. In the postgame press conference, Coach K spoke about how his team was exhausted from the Boston College game and how J.J. Redick needed an IV after the game (as well as eating an energy bar during the game and downing a Gatorade). This was definitely a trap game with the difficult scheduling yet the Blue Devils still found a way to win the game. However, even though they won the game, Duke's weaknesses came out again today. They were dominated by Thorton, who had 37 points, on the inside and they got very little off the bench and needed a 36 and 27 point effort from Redick and Shelden Williams respectively. Look for a tough game Tuesday at Chapel Hill against the Tar Heels.

Finally, in that wacky Pac 10, Washington lost yet again to unranked Washington State. The Pac 10, which has easily been the hardest conference to predict, really only has one team (UCLA) with a resume that's strong enough for the NCAA tournament at this point. Arizona is in a free for all, Washington keeps losing games and teams like Stanford are trying to make up for slow starts. Mark it down now - the Pac 10 will do nothing coming tournament time yet again this year.