You are as a Search Engine? as a Search Engine?

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Cre8d Design has a great post concerning using social bookmarking sites as search engines. The concept is interesting because human intervention had previously been frowned upon because of the exploitation factor. However, the article clearly demonstrates through an example how some search results are extremely more relevant through than through super power Google. Also, the author talks about a link vs. a bookmark and the power associated to both. It's an interesting debate as to the power of each where (personally) I think the power of the bookmark really is more powerful than the link in terms of defining how useful a page is. Whether a link or a bookmark generates more traffic is probably subjective, but a bookmark (at least in my computer using habits) clearly marks a page I value higher than something I link to on this blog.

However, the one clear drawback of these social bookmarking systems is the depth of information. for technical issues, is a great site due to the fact that your more technically advanced users; however, many subjects are not adequately covered on these Web 2.0 types sites yet. However, if these sites were to grow more inclusive or if automated web crawlers accounted for social bookmarking rankings in their indexing algorithms, we could be looking at the next generation of search results.