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AJAX Security Concerns?

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

As a blogger, I try and use as many different sources to compile my news and information to give my readers the best content available on the Internet. However, one disturbing trend would be the quality of news coming from Google Alerts. For instance, I watch the term AJAX to see what news media outlets are running AJAX stories (not the soccer club). Today, there are quite a few news releases about AJAX security issues and performance related problems. Of course, with any "new" technology, I would assume that there would be security related concenrs, but after digging a little deeper, I found the real reason for these releases.

I received about 6 alerts over the day for AJAX security related issues. However, every single one of these releases could be traced back to a company (who will remain nameless) who was selling their XML validation and acceleration services for a sum of over $2,500 USD. To me, using press releases as news to promote a product is unacceptable and needs to be filtered out of Google Alerts. These types of alerts are analogous to spam in my eyes and Google needs to address the seriousness of determining news as opposed to marketing ploys.