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Chitika November Payout

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Finally, my first blogging paycheck. Chitika eMiniMalls sent me my Paypal payment last night and everything was processed 100%. This is fantastic news as now it seems Chitika has really improved their system over the last 3 months and, most importantly, the money is REAL. Plus, if you have a small traffic blog, Chitika pays out at balances as low as $10 USD. In comparison, Google's AdSense requires you to earn $100 before you ever see a penny.

A major complaint of people using the Chitika eMiniMalls system were clicks that were audited away. Well, my November numbers showed 100% payout when comparing unaudited vs. audited numbers. My December numbers showed a 13.4% decrease after the audit, but I also don't use an alternate URL and I do have traffic from locations not within the confines of the program. To me, these are acceptable numbers; however, I would like them to audit numbers on a daily basis so I could more accurately gauge my performance closer to real-time. I'm happy though since this site has done nothing but cost me money and it is nice to finally earn some money from my efforts. Definitely makes me want to work on the site even harder.