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Slashdot Dying Discussion

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

I usually don't get this fired up over a website, but a recent discussion about how Slashdot will fall in 2006 has really rubbed in a way that few stories do. I've posted a whole bunch of comments there and they are a good read for what a blogger actually posts on other sites.

At the crux of the issue is whether or not Slashdot is dieing from conspiracy theories, bad editors, bad stories and submitter spam. However, with very simple changes that are almost seemless to the end user, Slashdot can address these issues with minor changes and actually using the moderator points assigned to posters the correct way. Slashdot's commenting and moderation system makes the site and is one of the most unique commenting systems you will find on the Internet. For those that read Slashdot loyally, discussions like these really need to be addressed.