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Dell 30" LCD vs. Apple's 30" Cinema Display

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Slashdot hosts a great discussion concerning the Dell 30" LCD vs. Apple's 30" Cinema Display that was released on January 5th. Since the 24 inch models were basically the same technology, many readers dismiss the idea of getting a 30" monitor - something that I definitely wanted, but maybe convinced otherwise now.

For instance, a few key points are brought up in the discussion that seem hard to dispute. First, to actually run this monitor, you need a video card that does dual-link DVI connections - which also currently costs about $1500 US. Second, it seems Dell has a habit of overstating its monitor's specs. One reader, using a calibrator, shows that Apple's more modest numbers are accurate while Dell's numbers seem to be obtainable but only for seconds at a time and at a rate of possibly damaging the monitor. Lastly, many readers being up the cost effectiveness by going with a multi-monitor setup and also the benefits in usability. Personally, I have used a 3 monitor setup at work which is highly more efficient than using a single monitor setup which I have at home so I would have to agree with most of the Slashdot posters.

It's an interesting read and definitely one if you were considering the 30" LCD as your next purchase.