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Bill Gates on Search

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Bill Gates offers his opinion on the current state of search and boy is it agreat read. Mr. Gates states:

Well, search is bad today. The average search takes five minutes. It doesn't really understand what's local versus what's not local. You know, you type in "pizza" it's going to tell you about someplace 1,000 miles away. It doesn't understand the context of are you trying to get advice for using the product or buying a product, are you an expert, do you want the historical data, do you want the most recent data, all of these things that can be done. And so search is not personalized right now, and we've been making some advances. We've been driving our relevance up and up and up, and we have this way of really slotting in third-party expertise and letting you do some programmatic things against search.

Although I agree that there are times when search fails us currently, I believe that the strides the Big 3 have taken in search over the last 2 years has been significant and impressive.