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Rose Bowl - USC v. Texas

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

I'm writing this post during the halftime of this year's Rose Bowl which finds Texas up by 6 points, 16-10. My impressions of the game so far:

  • Reggie Bush's lateral may lose the game for the Trojans. It killed all momentum that the Trojans had and could have put Texas down 14 early in the game. The first thought that went through my head was that "he's trying to be Randy Moss". His 1st half yardage is impressive, but putting the ball on the ground needlessly when you have your opponent on the ropes is a huge mistake.
  • The USC defense seems unable to solo tackle Vince Young or tackle him on first contact. I would look for more draw plays and options from Texas in the second half, especially if they still have a lead.
  • USC's own egos may have gotten in the way with the offensive play calling in the first half. White has been ripping off runs of 5+ basically every time he touches the ball, yet we continually see Leinart dropping back to pass to endure heavy pass rushes. We'll see if they go back to White and whether or not the Texas defense makes the adjustment. My guess is that they won't and that they will be too concerned with Leinart and Bush.
  • The USC defense needs to make an adjustment and make sure there is coverage on the Texas Tight End who caught 5 or 6 passes that first half. Not only are the number of catches worrysome, they are easy throws for Vince Young which really bails him out when he's been under pressure or has no options down field.
  • Getting a season long field goal from their kicker really puts USC back in this ball game down by less than a score. Could we see the second bowl game in two days where a missed extra point means the difference between victory and defeat?

More to come during and after the game.