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Top 10 Failed Tech Trends of 2005

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Extreme Tech has posted their Top 10 Failed Tech Trends of 2005. Even though I highly don't agree with 2 or 3 of their selections, it's a good read.

They listed Gmail as a tech failure. How they could even say this is beyond me. Gmail has had some issues recently, but with 0 spam, uniqueness in the labeling system and ever increasing functionality. I am very satisfied using Gmail as one of my 3 primary accounts. In addition, with Greasemonkey scripts being created specifically for Gmail, Gmail's functionality increases almost at a daily pace.

I'd like to hear some gamer's input on SLI and how they think it has effected the gaming industry. While SLI is a great technology, no one I have on my buddy lists, talk to or sites I post on claim to have a SLI setup in their rig so I would have to say that this is an unused technology by even most geeks.