Understanding Cost

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Understanding Cost

Postby hagrin » Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:13 am

Just something I have noticed in just about every aspect of today's society -

Today's society is really bad at understanding the costs of things.

I'm not an expert and this thought isn't fully formed and maybe it was always like this, but this one deficiency seems prevalent by almost all people on all matters. Let me try and phrase this esoteric thought as simply as possible.

Having an apple is better than not having an apple.
It's easy for people to say "everyone should have as many apples as they want".
It's easy to understand the benefits of someone having an apple.
You'll notice people rarely talk about the costs associated to giving everyone an apple, the unintended consequences of everyone having an apple, what apple ownership does to bananas, what having an apple means to the basic functions of humans and their underlying economy.
Human biases make this problem worse as many people only focus on these benefits and not the costs.

While abstract I think the above can be applied specifically to just about any area of today's society. I've started talking about exactly this point in the Sam Hinkie thread in the Sports forum here. It infiltrates every political discussion you see on social media. It can be applied to the internet and the idea that knowledge is all around us, but it inundates us. What are the costs of all that knowledge? The costs of the world becoming smaller? The costs of information overload? What else should we be doing? Is specialization getting worse and even if it is is that a bad thing?

Of course there are some people that do mention and try and determine these costs, but it just seems too few, too little.
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