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Google AdWords Specific Site Targeting

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

The Google AdWords blog offers some new information concerning a new AdWords feature - site specific advertising. With this new feature, you can now browse all over the Internet and when you see a site that uses AdSense, you can target your ads for that site! This is a great feature since there are definitely sites out there (money making websites for instance) where I would definitely want to show up on (for freelance web design work). Not only can you now "bid" on keywords, but you can now bid on specific sites.

My one question is this - what will win out? The keywords on the page delivering site specific ads based on content that the user is viewing or whoever has the highest next bid? Can an AdWords advertiser choose to be excluded from this site specific campaign? I would hope that webmasters, who already have a high payout from AdSense, would be allowed the opportunity to opt out of site targeting.