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Google's Matt Cutts Interviewed on SEO & Blogs

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

A new site, Performancing, interviewed Matt Cutts, a Google search engine optimization guru. He offers some great insight into Google's approach to blogs, tools readily available and tips for running a successful web outlet. From the article:

I wouldn't bother with year/month/day in blog urls; I'd just use the first few words from the title of the post in the url. Don't try to rank for a huge phrase at first--pick a smaller niche and get to be known as an expert there, and then build your way out and up. Controversial posts are sure to build links, but too many controversial posts may undermine your credibility. I think you attract more links with a conversational style, humor, and doing your own research to produce new insights or tidbits of info. In my opinion, just commenting on other blogs isn't as useful. There are a lot of ways to build a reputation, from having a great blog to producing a unique service to speaking at conferences. A single creative idea that catches fire in the blogosphere or is probably more useful than just chasing/buying/trading links. Original information or research is great bait to attract links.

He offered some information that I definitely will be incorporating into for sure. Definitely, anyone interested in their Google ranking should read this interview.