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New Gmail Feature - Gmail Clips

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Gmail has introduced some new functionality into their web based email client - Gmail Clips. Clips allows you to be emailed stories from your favorite blog or website in a similar manner to how RSS feeds work. In fact, you might call this the "beginners" interface into the world of RSS feeds.

Personally, I won't ever take advantage of this feature since my RSS reader is extremely more functional than either Gmail Clips or Google Reader. However, for those less computer savvy, email is an Internet basic and getting their favorite site's stories emailed to them could prove useful to some.

One very good use of Google Clips would be to take advantage of Google's unlimited Gmail space to save old news entries and then use the labeling system to then cross associate posts not across blog, but by subject. In fact, after initially writing this review, I never thought about the use case where labels will allow you to associate posts based on a factor not normally available to users in a RSS reader. It's a great idea actually and as long as you can deal with the antiquated interface for reading news (i.e. a mail client), then it could proove to be a great way for indexing news for long periods of time.