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Windows Rootkits

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

eWeek has a report on rootkits and where they are being developed and for what purpose. Not to spoil the surprise for everyone, but spyware companies seem to be the leader (I know, I know, what a shocker!).

What makes this article great are the resources included in the article. There is a link to an anti-rootkit detector and some news about how Microsoft's AntiSpyware application will have future detection and removal tools for rootkits. For many who don't know, rootkits are the real malicious payload that we should be looking out for because deployers of rootkits aren't going to just hit your machine once - they are going to perform identity theft, credit card fraud and use your machine as a zombie in other black hat activities. I definitely will be looking out for more rootkit prevention and detection tools in the future.