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Google Sandbox and Trustbox SEO

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

The Search Engine Journal has a great two part article on two search engine optimization topics - sandbox and trustbox. Huh you're saying?

The Search Engine Journal describes trust rank as:

TrustRank takes PageRank a step further in that only sites considered authoritative and/or relevant to your site are used in assigning PageRank. In other words, if your site is about auto repair, then links from other automotive sites will be of higher value to you then links from electronics boutiques for example.

So, for all of those spammy sites, you're now being penalized (or at least, not gifted) for having link trading with whoever will share links with you. This is a great SEO idea from Google and one that I see as greatly increasing the relevancy of search results. What about sandbox? The Search Engine Journal states that sandbox is:

The Sandbox was coined as a way to explain why most new sites, after initially getting crawled by Google, fail to show up in the search results. Yet when a “” is performed you can find site pages indexed. The sandbox effect was proved, to a certain extent, by this Google patent which says that Google will assign an aging delay to new content and links. That means that a site has to earn it’s way out of the “sandbox” either through time or an increase in properly aged links.

The sandbox isn't as much fun as you may remember it when you were younger. The sanbox requires that webmasters and content publishers continually keep growing their sites and actually create sites that are more than just a hobby and more like a job. These two articles are a greta read to learn how Google performs its rankings and a must read for anyone looking to create a profitable web site.