You are,, etc. - Finally Going to be Available?,, etc. - Finally Going to be Available?

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

A article states that single letter domain names previously reserved may be made available to be purchased in an attempt to ... well, make money.

So, let's guess who will pay out the nose for these domains:

  • = My first guess was Apple; however, being that this would be highly contested for its place in the English language, you might see a bidding war between billionaires who don't even have a stake in anything dealing with the letter A. My dark horse for this domain name would be Agilent Technologies Inc. who currently has the "A" stock ticker on the NYSE.
  • = Google remains the obvious guess. With the amount of capital they have, the branding of all their products with the G prefix, this just makes sense.
  • = Microsoft. They'll be there to snatch that domain up.

What do you think? Leave your predictions here!