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SQL Reporting Services: Fixing the "No Letter Spacing" When Printing Problem

By hagrin - Posted on 07 June 2011

Seemingly out of nowhere, my users were complaining that while their SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) reports were displaying fine on screen once they printed them the font was all screwed up and possibly stretched horizontally. The font looked stretched and there was no spacing between the letters of a word. It happened on all machines using all printers to all users. It broke in a 3 hour window where no patching, reboots or changes were really made.

Our environment consists of -

  • SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition with SP2 64-bit
  • Windows Server 2008 64-bit
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Virtualized using VMWare

After looking at program settings, print queues, etc., a very random internet search provided me with the starting blocks to how to fix this problem. It seems that the problem occurs when after the SQL Server is rebooted, the first person who logs in (usually via Remote Desktop) logs in with a session in 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen). Weird right?

To fix this problem, you must do the following in this order -

  • Reboot the SQL Server
  • After the SQL Server has finished rebooting, Remote Desktop into the server using the following command - mstsc /v:SERVERNAME /admin /w:1024 /h:768 (this forces the needed 4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Now, try running your reports.

As a side note, just restarting the services did not fix this problem - a reboot was required. Hopefully, this helps some people and people are able to find this post (it was difficult to title this post to make it as helpful as possible). Good luck!