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Newton Stability Performance Racer Review

By hagrin - Posted on 05 September 2010

About 18 months ago, I first started to make a concerted effort to perfect my running form so I could run longer, run faster and stay away from nagging running related injuries. As an average ultrarunner, an above average marathoner and a pretty decent half marathoner, I could tell that a more efficient running form would help me translate my longer races into better results. When I found out about Newton Running Shoes, I was intrigued about using a shoe that was built for speed, yet also promoted proper running technique. I decided that I would purchase the Stability Racer model as my next road/training shoe.

First, let’s start off with some of the basics about the shoe. With a size 9 weighing 8.8 ounces, this shoe is light, but not so light as to offer no protection to the bottom of your feet. The shoe is very airy so if you sweat a lot or live in a really hot climate, these shoes allow your feet to breathe which helps eliminate foot moisture and the potential for blisters. Lastly, as with all Netwon running shoes, the Stability Racer comes with their “Action/Reaction Technology” which helps promote better running form, allows for a minimalistic shoe but still provides shock absorption to prevent foot bruising if you put in long runs and high mileage. For all the above, you’re probably going to pay anywhere from $130-$150 USD for your very own pair.

So, what about my personal experience? For me, the Newton Stability Racer is my favorite road/racing shoe around and I highly recommend it even with its somewhat steep price tag. I found that wearing a thin racing sock works best with these shoes as opposed to a regular white sock since a thinner sock allows your feet to stay cooler. The inside of the shoe is extremely comfortable, the lace holes are positioned well and the shoe is extremely light. I did find that when I first switched to the Stability Racer that my calves were sore after a normal 8+ mile run, but that was more from my gait changing/improving than the actual shoe. After only a few runs in these new shoes, my calves got used to the new form and the soreness went away. As for results, I have run personal bests in all distances while wearing Newtons and I do believe that the shoes themselves are a major component to my running successes.

Newton Stability Racer

What was truly great about the Newton Stability Racer was its incredible durability. I was able to put approximately 2300 miles on this single pair of shoes. You can see from the pictures above that the first part of the shoe to go was the outside walling which may be due more to the fact I have pretty wide feet than a defect in the shoe’s design. In fact, I was still able to run with the shoes in the condition shown in the pictures here, but I decided on a new pair of Newton’s more for aesthetic reasons and to make sure fellow runners didn’t think I was homeless. Even more incredible than the 2300 miles I was able to put on these shoes was the fact that the tread on the bottom still looked to be in great shape – such good shape that if I could fix the sidewall with duct tape (or something more sophisticated), I could probably still be running in these shoes.

Newton Stability Racer Bottom

So, while the Newtons are a higher priced brand, you clearly get your money’s worth as most pairs of shoes won’t hold up for as long and will need to be replaced more frequently. In addition to the value for your money, Newton’s will improve your running form and indirectly prevent running related injuries. I highly recommend Newton’s for the serious runner who wants to take their running to the next level and for the novice who wants to develop good running habits and reduce injury concerns.