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Drupal Upgraded from Version 5.x to 6.x

By hagrin - Posted on 30 October 2009

Well, after almost no updates for 5 months (although the Forum has been pretty active), I finally decided to take a look at the blog portion of this site and address it once again. I finally upgraded the core Drupal installation and all the installed modules from version 5 to version 6 - a task that I really didn't want to have to do, but was surprisingly easy. I can't stress this enough - make sure you follow the UPGRADE.txt file's instructions verbatim. The instructions posted on the official Drupal site are actually not as complete as the instructions found in this text file and I avoided a lot of headaches by taking my time and stepping through the steps outlined.

A couple of other suggestions that I would recommend -

  • Not only backup the web files directed in the UPGRADE document, but you might as well backup all the core Drupal files while you are at it - it doesn't take much time at all and I found it better to be overly cautious.
  • Take a screenshot and/or leave open your module page so that when performing a major upgrade you know which modules you had installed and need to update to their new versions. This information is otherwise lost when you upgrade if you didn't back up your modules folder.
  • Expect to be down/in offline mode for at least an hour. Now, how long you are down for will depend on your expertise level and how many non-core modules your site has installed. I would expect that most sites have about 5-10 non-core modules installed and updating and downloading each takes time. You can shorten your downtime with a little prep work - download all the updated module packages in advance, extract them prior to bringing your site offline and this should help speed up the upgrade process.

Now, just think - we all get to do this again when version 7 comes out. Good luck everyone.