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AHAH - A Simpler AJAX?

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

This wiki article explains yet another Web 2.0 programming concept called AHAH. AHAH stands for Asychronous HTML and HTTP and some think that this can be considered easier than AJAX programming. Some of the highlights/benefits of AHAH over AJAX are:

  • The lack of custom XML schemas dramatically reduces design time
  • AHAH can trivially reuse existing HTML pages, avoiding the need for a custom web service
  • All data transport is done via browser-friend HTML, easing debugging and testing
  • The HTML is designed to be directly embedded in the page's DOM, eliminating the need for parsing
  • As HTML, designers can format it using CSS, rather than programmers having to do XSLT transforms
  • Processing is all done on the server, so the client-side programming is essentiall nil (moving opaque bits)

Personally, this could just be more web development hype. AJAX has its shortcomings too even though it does offer users a more "destop application-like feel". I would like to see more widespread adoption of this technique before I promote it with the zealotry that AJAX is being promoted at currently, but AHAH definitely holds promise.

I will be trying to implement some AJAX and AHAH into my own site and my new project, the Hagrin Workout Plan. It's still in very early development, but I have been collecting data on my own workouts for a use case and will hopefully unveil the new site by the new year (for all of you with your New Year's Resolutions).