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Adding a Link to a SharePoint Document Library

By hagrin - Posted on 03 March 2009

Updated - 13 November 2009 - I have updated this post to improve on the JavaScript listed below so that the Back Button works properly.

Recently, a client wondered how they could add an external document to a document library that existed on their Intranet. The problem with just saving their document and uploading it to the Intranet is a matter of document "freshness" as changes are made by the document owner. Therefore, creating an external link to that document is a much better solution. However, adding a link to a document library would seem difficult on its face.

To get around this issue, I took the following steps -

1. Create a TXT file.
2. Open the TXT file and add the following HTML -

<title>External Link</title>
<script type="text/javascript">

3. Save the file as a HTML file.
4. Upload to your Document Library.

You now have a working JavaScript redirection to the external document in your document library. Also, you can click the Back Button in your browser and you will return back to your Document Library.