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How To: Fix "The report server database is an invalid version" Error

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2008

Recently, I decided to go through my work computer's event log to see if I was racking up any errors and found one error repeated quite frequently -

Source: Report Server Windows
Event ID: 117
Description: The report server database is an invalid version.

Now, I have Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 installed on my work machine for development purposes and the error seems to be directly related to the Reporting Services functionality. After looking at the help for this error in the Help files, Microsoft's web site and even a few search engine searches, I couldn't find the full answer anywhere. However, I finally fixed the error and here's how to do it.
Reporting Services Configuration Manager

  1. Open up the "Reporting Services Configuration Manager" by going to Start -> Programs ->Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> Configuration Tools -> Reporting Services Configuration.
  2. On the left hand side, click on "Database Setup". (there should be a red "x" to the left of Database Setup.
  3. Choose the appropriate Server Name.
  4. For the Database Name, click "New" and do not use the default name "ReportServer" since it's possible a .MDF file was already created with this name. I used "ReportServer2".
  5. Make sure to choose the "Credentials Type" and enter the account information for a user who has create database permissions.
  6. Click "Upgrade". Make sure you get all green check marks (even a warning message means the process probably didn't complete properly).
  7. Click "Apply" at the bottom.

You should now be good to go and no longer receive this error in your Event Log.