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Nintendo Revolution Patent

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Revolution Report recently posted an article about a patent filed by Nintendo which has been speculated to be deirect;y linked to their next generation console - the Revolution.

Although the patent is highly technical in nature, Revolution Report does a terrific job in highlighting the patent's main points. In addition, after reading the patent, I believe that we can draw one major conclusion from this patent ...

The Nintendo Revolution may offer a service that allows users to purchase at a low cost older games for older Nintendo consoles. This would mimic the way people download ROMs and emulators onto their PCs now except now all titles offered by Nintendo would be playable on the Revolution. In my opinion, if this does happen, it's a terrific way of greatly increasing the number of titles available and making it more affordable for parents to give their kids numerous titles. Plus, some of us "old schoolers" like the older games better than the new offerings.