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Possible Starcraft 2 Beta Key?

By hagrin - Posted on 05 June 2007

Speculation is running rampant as Blizzard announced that they will be giving away a beta key to BlizzCon attendees for "an upcoming Blizzard game". Now, while Blizzard probably has several games in development, I almost guarantee that the beta key will be for Starcraft 2. Why? Most likely because there were early beliefs mentioned by Blizzard that they could get the game out by Christmas 2007 which would meant that they would have to be in beta by August which is exactly when BlizzCon takes place (BlizzCon takes place in early August).

In other Starcraft 2 news, there was an interview with Blizzard's Cinematic Creative Director, Nick Carpenter, where he talks about making cinematic tools used to make certain images available to users with the Starcraft 2 release. I find this pretty interesting and should allow for users to create some pretty nice fan content.