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Google Buys FeedBurner & What this Means for SEOs

By hagrin - Posted on 02 June 2007

Today, Google officially announced the purchasing of FeedBurner, the RSS analytical company providing statistics for RSS feeds such as subscriber counts, clickthroughs and other web metrics. This is an extremely wise purchase by Google because this closes a gap that their other analytical offering, Urchin (and its free web based version for webmasters), didn't provide RSS metrics. Prior to the FeedBurner purchase, Google could only provide RSS metrics through Google Reader subscriber counts for a specific feed - highly inaccurate due to the fact that Google only had access to only a slice of the RSS-using population.

What does this mean for webmasters? Well, I would think that the SEO implications are pretty obvious - either take advantage of the FeedBurner service or sacrifice the RSS metric potentially effecting your site's ranking. Sure, Google could still get some of the information from the user side (i.e. Google Reader subscribers to your feed), but webmasters would lose the metrics race to those optting-in to the Google services. Since Google currently drives a large portion of traffic to all sites, webmasters really do need to make a decision on linking all of their site's information into Google related services and what that means to their search position on other engines.

While most of all the other Google analytic initiatives still allowed webmasters to not sacrifice their position with other search engines, redirecting your RSS feeds through FeedBurner directly is a dangerous move long-term. Instead, I would suggest webmasters redirect their original feed URL to FeedBurner and display the original feed to site users. This will allow webmasters to relinquish control in some manner, but still does not solve the problem of having to potentially muticast the feed to other RSS analytic services.