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Akismet Causing More Spam?

By hagrin - Posted on 10 May 2007

Recently, due to a few spam messgaes I would get every once in a while (no more than 5 a day with most days receiving no spam messages), I finally decided to install the Akismet here to curtail even the slightest amounts of spam to make managing even easier. What has happened since can only be described as the exact opposite of my intent as spam has increased, bot registration has increased and it has increased over 1000%.

First, let me provide you with some metrics. As stated before, on's worst day, I would receive about 5 spam messages, but most days saw no comment activity. Since installing the Akismet module 1.5 days ago, I have seen 65 new spam messages and almost as many bot registrations. While Akismet is definitely filtering out spam properly, the amount of spam traffic has increased at an alarming rate while site traffic hasn't increased at all. Now, I'm not exactly sure what this can be contributed to, but the timing of the module installation and the corresponding spam increase is undeniable. I'm going to continue to monitor the situation and maybe even disable the Akismet module to see if there is a spam drop off, but would like to hear from someone else who may have experienced this "problem".