You are here2007 March Madness - 1st Round Selection Help - #6 - #8 Seeds

2007 March Madness - 1st Round Selection Help - #6 - #8 Seeds

By hagrin - Posted on 15 March 2007

We gave you a breakdown of seeds 1 through 3, the breakdown of #4 seeds and the breakdown of the #5 seeds. Thursday is rapidly approaching and I'm stuck writing huge SQL queries to update our business database so I'm going to give you a short recap of who you should pick for the rest of the opening round games.

#6 Seeds
Louisville is playing Stanford less than 80 miles from their campus and most people think that Louisville is going to easily win this "home" game. However, Rupp Arena may not be as pro-Kentucy as it might be anti-Pitino. Plus, Stanford has a lot to prove, has good enough guard play and the depth inside. Louisville is the trendy pick with the nation so I'll fade the public and go with Stanford. Stanford has come across country once this year and beat Virginia at Virginia so they are road tested and have succeeded.

I'm a huge Duke homer. VCU causes matchup problems for Duke, but Duke rarely loses to mid majors (unless you're Earl Boykins from Eastern Michigan) - Duke wins.

Vanderbilt and George Washington is a nasty matchup to pick. Vanderbilt has the outside shooting to make it to the Sweet 16. They also have a road record that makes you think that having to travel across the country is going to spell disaster for them. I'm picking GW in the upset because of the tournament experience and Vandy's inability to win away from home.

Notre Dame and Winthrop has a similar feel to the Vandy/GW game. Winthrop is the sexy pick this year for people picking upsets, but I watched this team struggle against a below average VMI team. I think Notre Dame has the better team and should pull out the win.

#7 Seeds
Almost every one of the 7v10 matchups is a complete toss up. You're better off just picking names out of a hat then following the advice of the so called experts. Here's my quick analysis -

Georgia Tech has 1 true road win all year. They are a competely different team away from home and the entire country has GaTech. I have UNLV.

Gonzaga is playing without Heytvelt, this is a revenge game for Indiana (Gonzaga beat them last year) and DJ White will be the best player on the court. That being said, guard play will win out and Ravio and Pargo are better than anything Indiana has. Gonzaga has played a tough schedule, traveled a lot of miles and they are well rested after the WCC tournament. Gonzaga should win.

Nevada is dealing with serious injury problems. Fazekas is battling injuries and Nevada is down one starter. Look for Nate Funk to take over and Creighton to win the game.

BC and Texas Tech might be the worst matchup of the opening round. BC lacks heart, Texas Tech lacks consistency. BC might not have enough scoring to beat Texas Tech, but I give the edge to BC because the game is in North Carolina and I think they are familair with playing in that area. Texas Tech has beated A&M this year, but then they throw up absolute goose eggs against bad teams. I'll take the more consistent BC team.

#8 Seeds
Again, this is another toss up year for 8v9 matchups.

Arizona has far superior talent than Purdue. Arizona is the Tin Man of the NCAAs - no heart. However, the scouts will be out to watch Marcus Williamss o he might decide to actually play. Arizona wins a very close game.

Nardi is hurt for Villanova and when Reynolds has to play point guard, the offense doesn't flow enough through the Villanova big men. Kentucky has the superior athletes, but can Randolph Morris not pick up two fouls during the national anthem? Take Villanova assuming Nardi plays - if you hear he won't go, switch your pick to Kentucky.

Michigan State plays a banged up Marquette team. Izzo rarely has two bad tournaments in a row and I can see MSU dominating the glass in this game. MSU gets the edge in a disgusting, low scoring 8v9 game. Get out the football pads for this one.

Xavier vs. BYU ... snooze fest. I give the Mountain West no respect after the debacle that was Air Force the last two years, but BYU is tournament tested - but so is Xavier. Xavier played really well at the beginning of the year, but I'm not sure that carries over into the tournament. I think BYU wins this game, but I have Xavier currently on my sheet of integrity thinking that a potential shot against in-state rival Ohio State might be enough to motivate them. I'm taking Xavier to win, but wouldn't be surprised if the 30 year olds from BYU beat Xavier up inside.

Good luck tomorrow everyone!