You are here2007 March Madness - 1st Round Selection Help - #5 Seeds

2007 March Madness - 1st Round Selection Help - #5 Seeds

By hagrin - Posted on 13 March 2007 has provided you the information you need to pick the games involving #1 - #3 seeds and also for those interesting #4 vs. #13 matchups. Twelve seeds have been known to win and cause destruction within lots of office pools so here's what you need to know about this year's 5v12 matchups.

#5 Seeds
The committee did a great job setting up 5v12 games this year because of the matchups they developed using 2 bubble teams, one of the highest seeded mid-majors and one of the highest overseeded mid-major conference champions. Long Beach State, which many analysts had in a 14 or lower seed slot, received a very surprising 12 seed and is matched up against SEC power Tennessee. Tennessee has turned their season around on the improved shooting of Chris Lofton who has really carried this team with not only his deadly accuracy, but his leadership. Tennessee like to up the tempo and runs 9 deep and tries to wear you down - only problem is they got matched up with a team that loves to run and gun just as much. Long Beach State has little to no height, but Tennessee really won't take advantage of that weakness. This game will be all about who can hit more 3 pointers or who can turn the other person over more and I think Long Beach State might be able to pull this game out and I've selected them as my second upset. Just remember - a better Tennessee team last year almost lost to 15 seed Winthrop last year if not for a miracle shot.

USC, out of the Pac-10, will face bubble oddity Arkansas in the East bracket. USC is extremely athletic, extremely long, extremely talented and has just as much talent as almost any team in the country. They will be facing jekyl and hyde Arkansas who does have some size, does have some athleticism, but really hasn't meshed together for several reasons. Although they had a good run in the SEC tournament, the Razorbacks didn't beat anyone outside of Vanderbuilt that I would say was a quality win - especially out of the weak SEC West. USC has battled in the Pac-10 all year, the game is on the west coast and I look for USC to win a close game.

Another bubble team, Illinois, snuck into the Field of 65 and will face the ACC's Virginia Tech Hokies. Illinois is another team that really didn't deserve to be in the tournament. The Illini have trouble scoring the basketball, don't have very many road or neutral wins and played in a sub-par Big Ten conference. Virginia Tech has a terrific backcourt, athleticism on the wing and has played in a tough conference all year. They have big road wins (beating Duke at Cameron) and this team has a lot of destony on their side. I see VTech winning pretty easily in this game, even if Weber tries to take the air out of the ball.

Lastly, the Horizon conference's golden child of 2006-7, Butler, faces off against the Colonial's Old Dominion. Butler only tied for their regular season title and did not win their conference tournament and have been riding the wave of their wins in December. Meanwhile, Butler has faultered down the stretch and has played very mediocre basketball. Old Dominion on the other hand, outside of their conference tournament loss, has been on fire winning 12 games in a row. Butler will slow the ball down and execute their offense, but I just see ODU staying with Butler and shutting down Butler's guards from getting open looks. Look for ODU to pull the upset here. So, that makes two 12 seed winners for me - follow me with caution!