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Google to Offer Real-Time Stock Quotes

By hagrin - Posted on 12 January 2007

And this is why I love Google.

Google announced that they will be offering free real-time stock quotes once the SEC approves their proposal. Now, this isn't a done deal; however, the progress being made in the financial data area is very exciting. Hopefully, this deal gets done and the information not only becomes accessible to the public, but available through a Google Financial Data API.

However, what's the moral of this story? What do you read between the lines?

I would point to this as an example of the potential power of corporate blogging. When was the last time a company put its "cards on the table" before a final deal was struck? Google is putting the screws to the SEC and Wall Street by getting their "free data (read - love) for all" approach out to the public while their efforts are being held up by the "big bad" SEC. Corporate blogging, especially from Internet powerhouses like Google, has hit the mainstream and is now being reported on by social news sites, traditional news sites, other blogs and the print media. Hopefully, more companies see the value in blogging and provide the public not only with propoganda, but useful information and alerts.