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Web 2.0 Design Guide

By hagrin - Posted on 22 December 2006

Although I believe that each website should have its own individualistic design and feel, having well-written guides for inspiration and to see what the rest of the industry seems to find attractive (on the whole) can often be useful. One of the best Web 2.0 design guides that I have read in a long time was produced by the owners of Web Design from Scratch.

What makes this design guide better than all the rest is its in-depthness, layout, information given, topics covered and clear presentation. First, the entire article, which is very detailed, is presented on a single page. This can't be understated since there has been an increase in websites attempting to increase advertising revenue and clickthroughs by taking a guide/review and splitting it up into several pages so more ads and pageviews can be counted. Next, a clear and simple Table of Contents exists at the top of the article for navigational ease again adding to the terrific presentation.

Most importantly is the content provided. The presentation concepts for the nebulous term of Web 2.0 are captured pretty concisely and backed up with examples that don't all just look the same. Icons, gradients, fonts, color schemes and other Web 2.0 "concepts" are not only explained, but the reader is also given a few contrasting examples to see different ways that a technique can be implemented. Definitely check this guide out to spur some design ideas.