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Buy Your Domain Name Using Google

By hagrin - Posted on 15 December 2006

Although Google has been a certified registrar for a few years I believe, Google just announced that you can buy your domain names from them for $10 per year. However, and this might scare some off, they partnered with GoDaddy and eNom to provide this service as opposed to doing it themselves.

What's worse than the partnership?

If you don't go through Google and go through their partners directly, it's actually cheaper. So, what exactly is the benefit from registering your domain with Google (or in this case GoDaddy or eNom)? Answer - none that I can see unless your domains suddenly become more trusted in their ranking algorithm. What are the potential drawbacks? Well, for those black hat SEOs looking to link trade between their sites, Google will now be able to link sites owned by the same individual/holding company and treat those links with a lower weight than backlinks from independent sites (although as I wrote this, I wonder if they have already had access to this information since they are a certified registrar - I would assume yes).

However, even with all that said, I'll probably move my domains to Google because it's actually cheaper than my current registrar - (brutal decision by me, I know but it's been easier to renew their than run the risk of having the domain transfer not go smoothly). Go Google - I tie my life into you just a little more today.