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Google Patent Search

By hagrin - Posted on 14 December 2006

Google has announced on their official corporate blog the availability of their newest product - the Google Patent Search. While sporting a very similar interface as to their otehr search pages, the Google Patent Search also has a neat feature that displays the technical drawings of a few patents below the search box.

Important to note is the "what types of patents are available" section of the Patent Search Help document. There it states that "We don’t currently include patent applications, international patents, or U.S. patents issued over the last few months, but we look forward to expanding our coverage in the future" which means that this isn't a real-time list currently so looking for ground breaking patent information is pretty fruitless at this point. However, if at some point Google does get patents indexed as soon as they are granted, valuable tools could be built showing breaking patent news and discussing their potential impact.