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Use Nike+ on Non-Nike Running Shoes

By hagrin - Posted on 13 December 2006

A while back, I wrote a review on the Nike+ iPod system and identified a lot of pros and cons. One of the cons that I had mentioned was that Nike was trying to force the owner to constantly buy Nike branded running shoes based on the unique design needed to slip the transmitter into the sole of your shoe. However, it seems a lot of people were put off by this idea and hacks/adapters and DIY kits have sprung up to help Nike+ owners use their system with non-Nike shoes.

Instead of endorsing one particular product (because I actually do use Nike running shoes for the road running I do here in New York), I figured I would present you with a list of user contributed options from Digg (definitely read through the comments for more options than just the first link). Hope this info helps people looking to use the Nike+ system with their favorite non-Nike sneaker.