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Installing Two Versions of IE

By hagrin - Posted on 13 December 2006

Where I work full-time, I develop applications for a Microsoft shop and I have the need to make sure that my web apps look and interact correctly in Internet Explorer. However, I have been building quite a few outward facing web applications and I needed to make sure that the applications looked the same under all browsers - Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari and others. To make my life more complicated, although all the users here are still using IE6, many outside users have already made the upgrade to IE7. As a developer, being able to test both IE6 and IE7 on one machine was a problem and the Internet provided a very answer.

TredoSoft not only provided a solution to my problem, but gave me even more options/power than I originally wanted. TrendoSoft's application allows you to install not only IE6, but previous versions of IE as well (5.5, 5.01, 4.10 and 3.0). The installer is around 10MBs and is very quick and easy to use.

Make sure you install/upgrade to IE7 first and then run the TredoSoft installer. Thank you for a quick fix to an annoying problem. (P.S. - Their Drupal design/template is also pretty unique - definitely a site worth bookmarking).