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Google's Matt Cutts' Best SEO Tips of 2006

By hagrin - Posted on 07 December 2006

SEO Egghead posted a great synopsis of Matt Cutts' best SEO Tips of 2006 in a nice, comprehensive list for SEO marketers, designers and enthusiasts to refresh their "straight from Google's mouth" SEO information. I usually don't link to blog spam; however, they really did a great job compiling, shortening and organizing the best tips offered by Matt throughout the year on his blog. So what are some of the better tips that Matt stated web developers/designers should incorporate into their sites?

  • Use dashes instead of underscores in the URL for a page.
  • Make sure that Googlebot can crawl all the content you want indexed. Content behind secured pages aren't crawled and you should offer free versions of valuable content so that it can be indexed.
  • "Assign unique, descriptive title tags and headings to every page" (direct quote from SEO Egg Heads)
  • URLS with descriptive document names will rank better than non-descript URLS (i.e. windows-vista.php vs. 2006-12-08article.php)

Most of the other tips are generally useful, but found the above tips highly useful when thinking about my own sites. Thanks Matt and SEO Egg Heads for the great information and organization.