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About the Man Behind

By hagrin - Posted on 06 December 2006

Now, a little bit about the creator of (and for that matter, the Hagrin name). I'm a thirty-something computer programmer / database administrator from New York, USA. My computer interests and knowledge extend in a myriad of directions including network security, hacking/cracking, programming, databases, web development/scripting, open source initiatives and system administration. I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations (nothing computer related) and have taught myself everything I currently know about computers. In college, being around numerous computer science majors, I adopted a love for computers and started to learn by buying and building my own computer without assistance. Since then, I have had numerous IT related internships followed by tech support for an ISP to my current programming/DBA responsibilities.

Away from the keyboard, Hagrin enjoys almost anything sporting related especially ultrarunning, soccer and basketball. I've completed my first half and full marathons and will be moving on to ultramarathon distances to test my endurance and mental strength. Outside of sports, Hagrin can usually be found reading, at the gym, driving his new car, playing with his surrogate dog Luca or just relaxing watching DVDs of his favorite TV shows.