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First PS3 Reviews

By hagrin - Posted on 21 November 2006

November 17th, 2006 has come and gone and the PlayStation 3 madness has started.

Ars Technica has posted their PS3 review and I definitely found a lot of their comments very interesting. Primarily, although the PS3 is rather large in size, it's freakishly quiet and definitely outshines the Xbox 360 in this department. Second, there was little innovation in the controller except for a complete Wii ripoff of motion sensing movement and gameplay (which they describe as "gimmicky" at best). Ars sums it all up best by saying "This is starting to be a theme for the PS3: some great features that are hindered by poor software support". Ouch.

Ars ended up giving the PS3 a 6/10 as an overall score.

Other reviews are out there and around, but this is the best review on the entire Internet. Trust me, I read almost all of them. I bet those who paid $3000 for a PS3 on Ebay opening day are wishing they had waited now.