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PS3 Pre-Orders Being Cancelled at GameStop

By hagrin - Posted on 13 November 2006

On the heels of my last story, Joystiq is announcing that GameStop has given the bad news that they will not be able to fulfill their Playstation 3 pre-orders. As Joystiq accurately reported, even if you were one of the lucky 8-12 people who had their $100 accepted and received a pre-order receipt for a PS3, GameStop may not be able to honor your PlayStation 3 pre-order due to lower than expected initial unit numbers.

GameStop, in attempts to perform damage control, will call all pre-order holders and for thos unlucky enough to not get a console on release day, they will give you a free game or DVD (less than $20 in value however). Although JoyStiq is unwilling to place the blame (and probably rightly so as we don't have all the facts), I put the blame squarely on Sony overpromising retail stores and then lowering initial release numbers when they realized they couldn't meet their own expectations. Do you really need any more reasons to boycott Sony at this point?