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Playstation 3 Shipments Lowered

By hagrin - Posted on 08 November 2006

Initial Playstation 3 shipments are being halved as Sony cannot meet their forceasted shipment predictions. This news comes right before their launch date, right before Thanksgiving and right before the lead-in for the holiday buying season. As Neowin reported, such major retail chains such as Best Buy have had to dramatically shift their marketing strategy to make up for the lack of PS3 inventory by pushing the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii to its customers. As many have heard me say, this announcement comes as no surprise to me as Sony has been disappointing in all business areas this last year - enoughso that I have officially stopped purchasing Sony products.

However, Ebay sellers are rejoicing today. As you can imagine, with shorter supplies higher prices follow and those who have their pre-orders filled will be able to turn around and sell the console for a hefty markup. If you're lucky enough to get a launch date PS3, sell it - you'd be fiscally irresponsible not to sell.