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Drupal, the Google Blog Pinging Service & Google Code Search

By hagrin - Posted on 05 October 2006

The Official Google Blog recently posted about the availability of the Google Blog Pinging Service which allows bloggers to contact Google when content updates have been made to their sites. In addition, Google released an API that allows developers to build the pinging service into their content management systems. Currently, my Drupal installation is not indexing itself in the Google Blog Search Index and I have the ping module installed and enabled. Therefore, there's a need to make sure that an API call is built directly into Drupal.

I'd like to hear if other Drupal users are havign problems getting indexed in the Blog Search Index and their solutions to this problem. I'll be working on implementing this solution soon.

Speaking of Google coding solutions, another Official Google Blog announcement states that the Google Code Search index is now live and available for use. This index allows users to search for code snippets that have been indexed all over the Internet. Although this project is very beta in my eyes, I believe it will prove very useful when developing code libraries in the future and making the programmer's life just that much easier. Currently, my only issue with it is if you don't know exactly what you are looking for, I find it difficult for it to give me the code I really need. However, couple this index with the Google Web Search and Google Groups search options and you should be able to find what function you need to call and then the actual code to execute the necessary operation.