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Google Explains PageRank

By hagrin - Posted on 03 October 2006

Matt Cutts was at it again early this morning. The famous Google link to the webmaster world offered an explanation about PageRank which should help those users interested in that green bar on their Google Toolbars.

To me, the most interesting point that was clarified is that PageRank is updated as often as backlinks and SERP data is calculated; however, Google Toolbar users will only see these PageRank changes ever 3-4 months when a data push is made available to users. Therefore, since you can't access PageRank data through the Google Web Search API, PageRank calculations are "best guesses" at a fixed point in time about 3-4 months ago in most cases. PageRank, in the grand scheme of things, really doesn't mean much and you would be better served evaluating your server logs to measure performance.