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Google's Blogger Beta Going Belly Up

By hagrin - Posted on 04 September 2006

Recently, Google Blogger went into the all-too-familiar Beta status recently when trying to integrate existing Google Accounts with the standalone Blogger accounts that had been created over time. It's a terrific idea by Google to integrate all their services and products into one, all-encompassing login. I also appreciate the tremendous difficulty Google would have trying to integrate two seemingly independent services without blog stealing, conflicts, data loss and other "evils" that come from such a migration. However, it's going even worse than I could have ever imagined.

Where do I start?

  • Everyday Computer Users are Completely Lost - And finally, a problem I always thought Google would have when introducing any services outside of their search application has finally developed on a large scale. Blogger's attractiveness comes from its simplicity in allowing the "newbie" to publish their unique content to the Internet. A side effect of its ease of use is that the user base is generally not as knowledgeable as those users using more complicated software ("Technical Darwinism" as I like to think of the concept). I was reading a few relationship-based blogs run by non-computer people and almost 100% of the commenters and posters had very little understanding of what the Blogger Beta was really all about - not to mention, some were encountering problems posting content, comments, pictures, etc. I've always thought that Google would eventually run into a problem where the average user would not be able to follow the intricate details of their services and this migration is bringing the problem to the forefront.
  • Duplicate Username Issue - Personally, I have run into this problem without any relief. My Blogger account name and my Google Account name are exactly the same. In addition, it uses the same password so there really is no way for Google to determine which account I am trying to sign into. Or, does it? When I login now, it automatically assumes I am trying to login into my Google Accounts login - only problem with that is now I can't post to my blog and when I comment on other blogs my original profile information isn't attached. So, you can say that my migration hasn't been successful in the slightest.
  • Blogger Help Who?: - As any RTFM user knows, go read the FAQ and see if you can figure out your problems yourself. I did that. Then, I read the Google Groups postings related to the Blogger Beta - still nothing. Blogger provided a help form to fill out in order to get a response which I happily filled out knowing I would never get a response. Unfortunately, I proved myself right. Therefore, I am currently stuck in Beta Limbo awaiting some miracle from the heavens to resolve the problem.

Blogger currently sits in a state of serious flux. Many users don't know exactly what is going on, the migration is not transparent to the user and many informed users are still having issues successfully switching over to the integrated login. Hopefully, Blogger can resolve these issues pretty quickly - just makes me glad I don't use Blogger as my primary outlet for posting content to the Internet.